What Is a Wendigo?

The wendigo is a cannibalistic creature originating from Algonquian tribes’ folklore. According to legend, it has been seen from the woods of the Great Lakes (Canada and United States) to the woods of Nova Scotia.

Algonquian folklore describes the wendigo as an emancipated, human-like monster who has an unsatisfiable hungry for human flesh. Also, it is said a human can become a wendigo if they resort to eating human flesh. The act of cannibalism is a black mark on the soul, changing one into a wendigo.


The wendigo represents many things: cannibalism, famine, starvation, harsh winters, and greed. For example, a wendigo is gluttonous, but no matter how much human flesh it consumes, it is never enough to satisfy, which is why it’s starving.

There are many depictions of the wendigo. However, common physical characteristics include emancipated appearance, blood-covered lips, antlers, sharp teeth, and claws.


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